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Retained Search

Retained Search

As a premier search firm, Luca Talent has helped negotiate advancing career moves for many prominent professionals. Retained executive search represents a clear commitment from both sides and sends a strong message that the hiring company highly values the opportunity. When time, complexity and confidentiality are critical, retained search firms are a sound option, and clients and candidates alike trust Luca Talent.

Retained search is particularly appropriate when the need is urgent, the hire will have a significant impact on company performance, or new opportunities emerge that must be quickly addressed. We understand and thrive in that environment. We only present retained search opportunities that truly fit with the needs and the goals of both the candidates and the hiring company. As such, we consistently provide the best in speed, quality and successful performance outcomes.

Our retained search experts guide critically important hires

We our engaged in the beginning of a search to your successful end. You can feel confident that we understand the full story of the opportunity and will present you, your qualifications, and your experiences in the most precise and best light.

We listen – truly listen. We assess. And then we deliver.

At Luca Talent we are true business and career partners with the executives they represent. We work closely with our candidates to understand their career objectives and what they are seeking in their next role.

Most importantly we listen to all of the dynamics involved in the retained recruiting process, ensuring that everyone—from the hiring company’s top executives to the head of HR—are on the same page. By clarifying expectations and minimizing misunderstandings at the outset, we ensure that you move efficiently and successfully through the retained recruiting process.

360 Service

  • 20% Engagement, 40% At Launch and Final 40% At Offer Phase
  • 20% Engagement, 20% At Launch, 20% At Introduction, and Final 40% At Offer Phase
  • Background Screen and Reference Verification
  • Confidential Engagement
  • Access To Unique Market Feedback