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Building Successful Teams One Match at a Time

Building Successful Teams One Match at a Time

Resumes rarely find jobs. Luca Talent recruiters do.

At Luca Talent, we treat candidates with the same discretion and professionalism as with other search options, and we can utilize contingency recruitment to help you fully realize your career ambitions.

We engage a unique combination of data, analytics, industry experience, and recruiting expertise to help you find an ideal match for your current skills and future aspirations.

Quality Results Because We Care

We are interested in more than just a placement. We are interested in your career of progressive success. As such, you will be represented by our agency’s recruiting acumen while being treated with dignity and respect at every aspect of our relationship with you.

Is Luca Talent right for me?

Is Luca Talent right for me?

Luca Talent can be valuable to anyone open to entertaining a dynamic career opportunity....

How does it work?

Our experience, our research, our industry knowledge, and our careful, consultative approach ensure...

What can I expect?

We provide trusted, candid, and discrete service to every one of our candidates by actively listening...