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About Us

Our Mission

Luca Talent is an experienced, dynamic Recruiting Agency where our mission is to match client talents in a synergistic manner to the clients our company represents. Luca Talent accomplishes our goals by making strong relationships the cornerstone of our work. From the first consultation to the final onboarding process, we work hard to understand the values, needs, and vision of both our candidates and companies. Our approach not only assures we make the best talent matches possible, but it is heavily grounded in dedication, professionalism, and a hands-on process that is responsive to the company’s needs in talent acquisition. Providing your company with candidates that have all the qualifications, skills, and experience a working team calls for is our specialty and calling.

We engage a unique combination of data, analytics, industry experience, and recruiting expertise to help you find an ideal match for your current skills and future aspirations.

About Luca Talent

Luca Talent is a woman owned and operated boutique staffing firm located in Los Angeles that’s specializes in end to end recruitment of technical and non-technical positions with the technology sector.

We measure our success by the success of the candidates we represent and the companies we partner with. Luca Talent is honored to be a part of the growth and evolution of individual companies and the technology sector.

Meet Our Principal Recruiter Bianca Lucarelli

Bianca Lucarelli, founder, and heart of Luca Talent founded Luca Talent in 2015 after graduating with her Masters of Business Administration and Bachelors of Science from Franklin University. Upon entering the job markets she was stricken by numerous failed attempts at a job search. The market lacked talent specialists who believed in people and took the time to get to know a person before declining their application. Bianca found herself to be limited by small minds and small opportunities and knew she can be a positive asset to people like herself. Upon seeing a boom in the growing technology sector she took her skills and drive to start her own practice in technical recruitment of high-level engineering professionals.

Bianca started Luca Talent with a list of companies hiring and the drive to find them their perfect candidate. Starting with mobile development she learned the ins and out of the technologies used, the software development lifecycle, methodologies and more, becoming an expert in this area. This allowed Bianca to personalize searches and dig into candidates experience to really gauge their technical depth. This also built the foundation of a relationship with the candidate.

Through the relationship based approach, we are able to get to know our candidates as they get to know us. We act as the candidate's personal agent in regards to representation, as well as their coach and trusted advisor. We do what is best for our candidates making sure every placement is a great match for both the candidate and client.

People often ask Bianca how she finds her candidates and what she correlates to her success. It starts with loving what you do, this isn't a job it's her passion. Candidates and clients are Luca Talent’s obsession. It’s never about the interim, it's always about the long-term goal.

Bianca’s personal success and the success of Luca Talent is the success of the candidates we represent and the companies we partner with. Luca Talent is honored to be a part of the growth and evolution of technology, the companies we work with and the entire technology sector.

Our Values

Trust With Ethics & Integrity

Ethics, integrity and trust are the foundation at Luca Talent. We are open-minded, we listen, and we do what is best for our clients and candidates. We work vigorously to earn and keep trust.

Making You Our Obsession

Whether or not you are a candidate or a client, whether we place you or find the candidate you hire, from start to finish you are Luca Talents priority. Our clients and candidates are why we exist. Everything we do is to help our clients and candidates grow with their careers and industry. Our success is the success of our candidates and clients.

Insisting Highest Standards

Luca Talent has relentlessly high standards. We continually raise the bar to drive recruitment, build teams and help build companies. We put our clients and candidates interests ahead of our own and truly understanding their ultimate objectives.

Performance Is Critical

Performance is our measuring stick, and it reflects in each one of the positions staff for and candidates we represent. How we treat our clients and candidates, and what we achieve for them, is the true measure of our performance. We focus on providing the best experience to all parties, while rising to the occasion and never settling.

Deliver Results

We focus on the key inputs to build teams and provide the best candidate and client experience. We deliver quality results in a timely fashion and never settle for anything less.

Dive Deep

We stay connected to the details, whether it’s a client or candidate we find out what is at their core and what makes them tick. We audit frequently, take notes, and make sure to ask the important questions. We create and communicate a bold direction that inspires results. Our relationship approach is what drives our practice.

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    We do the right thing

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